Executive Board

Board Members

Elected executive board


Brian Ball

Delhi Township Fire Dept.

Vice President

Alan Styles

Dalton Township Fire Departent


David Kwapis

Brandon Township Fire Dept.

Michigan MABAS Staff Members

Executive Director

Trent Atkins

Michigan MABAS

Special Operations Director MITF1 Program Manager

Dave Mcintyre

Michigan MABAS

Training Ops Chief

Shadd Whitehead

Michigan MABAS

Special Ops Chief

Chris Martin

Michigan MABAS

Operations Chief

Pat Parker


IMT/IST Coordinator

Mike Evans

Michigan MABAS

Red Center - Supervisor

Kristen Kasten

Emergent Health Partners

Red Center - Dispatch Comms Chief

Erik Youngblood

Emergent Health Partners

Red Center - Supervisor

Kaylee Boulay

Emergent Health Partners

Executive Assistant

Gabie Keeling


Board Meetings

The MABAS Board Meetings are held at 1:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of January, March, May, July, September, November. The meetings are held virtually.

Those individuals or groups who desire to address the Board are required to notify the Executive Director prior to the start of the meeting. The Board in its discretion may at any time establish new or different procedures for public participation at regular or special meetings. Since most issues require board members to investigate matters or gather additional information before deciding how to proceed, the Board may choose not to immediately respond to comments. If you would like to have a subject or topic matter added to the agenda for discussion you are required to contact the Executive Director’s office at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting time for it to be added to the agenda.

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