Divisional Map

Division Map

Covering Emergency Management Regions: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8

A Region is comprised of a number of Divisions that are fire departments, in one or more counties, in close proximity that support local mutual aid designated by the Michigan Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MIMABAS) agreement. Each Division has one designated Dispatch Center that coordinates resources when needed outside of the Division. Divisions are independently coordinated by the Division Fire Chief’s.  One of the Division Fire Chief’s are selected by their Division Chief’s to represent them on the MIMABAS Executive Board. Division bylaws are created by each Division to manage their own resources and response procedures.  Communications always remain local within the Division between the fire departments and dispatch center. The Division Dispatch Centers can always reach out to the Michigan Red Center, a 24/7 dispatch center, but the Red Center does not become the Divisions tactical dispatch center, only a resource center to support the out of division request for Fire, EMS, or Special Operations Teams.  MIMABAS does not require Divisions to leave their jurisdictions.  Out of Division response is voluntary and is based on the resources available in each Division.

Division Contacts