RED Center

About Mabas Red Center

The Michigan MABAS RED Center, located in Ann Arbor, MI, is a 24/7 staffed center that provides daily Fire and EMS emergency communications and dispatching to several counties in southern Michigan. The RED Center is also the primary dispatch center for Michigan MABAS Mission Ready Packages (MRP’s). Mission Ready Packages, or MRP’s, are the pre-planned strike team and taskforce resources that can be requested by a Fire Incident Commander when larger packages of Fire, EMS, Hazmat, Technical Rescue, Incident Support or Specialized Equipment are needed. These MRP’s are coordinated using predetermined Box-Alarm cards that identify resources available within a Division that are able to deploy when requested. The RED Center receives the requests from the Fire Incident Commander through their Division Dispatch Center and then activates the closest available resources Box Card.

Michigan MABAS has several designated channels on the State of Michigan’s 800MHz radio system and supports Michigan MABAS resources during their deployment to a designated incident staging area. These same State radio channels are monitored by Division Dispatch Centers and can be used for communications between the Division Dispatch Centers, Red Center and Responding resources.


Dispatch and Communications Training

For more information regarding the dispatch and communications system, follow along in the companion PDF provided below.

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