In the Know – October, 2023 Newsletter


Notes for the Month!
  • The mandatory Admin Days are on the calendar – December 10, 11 or 12. Please log in to D4H and plan to attend one of the days!
  • Something is going on with the Mob Center’s alarm system – when you enter your code, make sure to wait a few seconds after you hear the ‘click’ before actually opening the door.

Welcome to Our New Members!

In October, we held our annual orientation for new members. This year we added 24 new people to our roster – 1 in Comms, 5 in Canine, 3 HazMat Specialists, 1 Logs Specialist, 4 Medical Specialists, 2 Medical Team Managers, 2 Planning Team Managers, 4 Rescue Specialists, 1 Structural Specialist and 1 Technical Search Specialist.

Well, hurricane season didn’t really turn out the way NOAA had predicted. There were several large storms, but they all took a hard right turn and did not make landfall.
NOAA’s prediction for our Michigan winter is now out. El Nino continues and both the northern Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are warmer than usual, resulting in the prediction of 40%-50% warmer than normal temperatures here and the likelihood of below normal precipitation.

Canine, Technical Search and Search Team Management came together to perform annual maintenance on the agility equipment at Operating Engineers and to build some new props for the dogs to navigate!








Are you having trouble accessing the members section of the website?
Contact Joe Chopski at [email protected] or Kathy at [email protected]

If you are on Facebook, be sure to ‘Like” Michigan Mutual Aid Box Alarm System!

Have you joined MI-TF1 private Facebook group yet? If not, contact Rayanne at [email protected] to be added!

Please be sure all requests for backfill for any TF or Section Training is submitted to [email protected] as soon as is possible. Thank you!

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