In the Know – January, 2024 Newsletter

Notes for the Month!
  • The mandatory Operational Readiness Exercise is fast approaching. Limited spots are available for each of the two dates and the first operational period (May 14/15) is closed for additional attendees. Plenty of spots remain open for the second operational period (May 15/16).
  • D4H has not been able to re-introduce direct uploading of your documents so, for the foreseeable future please continue to email your certificates and documents to [email protected]
  • All section training has been posted to D4H. If you are qualified for multiple positions, make sure you sign up for training for all your disciplines!
  • Task Books are currently in the process of being updated.

Have you been using the Task Force member web site? D4H continues to be utilized for record keeping and tracking member qualifications.
The website includes links for on-line classes, section task books, instructional videos for some of the TF equipment, some forms and information on preparing for deployment.

If you haven’t done so yet, take some time to explore the website!


Want to refresh your rope and knot knowledge?

Review information on Building Collapse.

Keep in mind that ice is never 100% safe!! 

Are you having trouble accessing the members section of the website?
Contact Joe Chopski at [email protected] for assistance!

If you are on Facebook, be sure to ‘Like” Michigan Mutual Aid Box Alarm System!

Have you joined MI-TF1 private Facebook group yet?  If not, contact Rayanne at [email protected] to be added!

Please be sure all requests for backfill for any TF or Section Training is submitted to [email protected] as soon as is possible.  Thank you!

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