In the Know – April, 2024 Newsletter

Notes for the Month!
  • If you haven’t done it yet, you need to make sure to go to and follow the instructions there so that you will continue to b able to access your information on D4H!
  • The Operational Exercise is coming up fast!
  • Task Books are available at the website. Be sure to to check for all the positions for which you are qualified.

The Upcoming Hurricane Season

While NOAA won’t issue its hurricane prediction for the coming season until some time in May, Colorado State University is predicting a very active season with 30 named storms, 11 hurricanes and 5 major (category 3-4-5) storms.
There have been more than 400 consecutive days of record warmth in the Atlantic Ocean and that trend is not expected to end. La Niña is expected to continue which will allow formation of stronger storms. Studies show that when La Niña is present there is a higher than normal risk of U.S. landfall.


If you’re interested in off-duty wear, the links will be closing on 4/20

For t-shirts/sweatshirts, etc.:

For short-sleeve polo shirts:

If you’re looking for a button-down dress shirt:

Please note – the dark shirts will print with a gray outline, not black.
All shirt will be sent to me for delivery at the ORE.
Orders will close in 30 days.


A new mapping and data recording system is coming to MI-TF1. Boots on the ground won’t see a lot of change but Plans/TIS will be able to evaluate situations to make quicker and more meaningful recommendations for continued search and rescue operations.  To learn more about SARCOP (Search and Rescue Common Operating Platform), check this website:

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Contact Joe Chopski at [email protected] for assistance!

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Please be sure all requests for backfill for any TF or Section Training is submitted to [email protected] as soon as is possible.  Thank you!


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