Partnerships Throughout Our Great State Of Michigan 

  • Michigan Emergency Managers Association
    Michigan Emergency Managers Association

    MI-MABAS President Brian Ball (Right) and MI-MABAS Executive Director Trent Atkins present at the 2019 Michigan Emergency Managers Association (MEMA) Conference.

  • Michigan State Fire Marshal
    Michigan State Fire Marshal

    Michigan MABAS on the road with the State Fire Marshal at Montcalm Co Fire Chief’s Meeting.

  • Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs
    Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs

    MI-TF1 Program Manager Dave McIntyre and Task Force Leader Chris Martin present Hurricane Florence deployment to the Michigan Association Fire Chiefs Conference.

  • Operating Engineers Local 324
    Operating Engineers Local 324

    Governor Gretchen Whitmer visits with MI-TF1 members at the Operating Engineers Local 324 job fair in Howell, MI. (From L-R: Heavy Rigging Specialist John Haberkorn, Program Manager Dave McIntyre, Task Force Leader Shadd Whitehead and Heavy Rigging Specialist Derek Sather)

  • Michigan Army National Guard
    Michigan Army National Guard

    MI-TF1 is currently developing a Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (HART) program jointly with the Michigan Army National Guard. Here, a NC Army National Guard UH-60 hovers during a training evolution with a rescuer deployed by hoist and recovering a stranded victim on a simulated rooftop.

  • Michigan State Police
    Michigan State Police

    MI-MABAS is partnering with Michigan State Police to validate Michigan Fire Service Hazmat and Technical Rescue Teams. Come join us at the Hazmat Conference, April 11-13, 2022.