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    MI-MABAS is a Mutual Aid Box Alarm System designed to efficiently provide emergency and fire service resources for day to day mutual aid and large-scale events throughout the State of Michigan.

  • Divisions

    MI-MABAS is governed by the fire service representing 22 Divisions with over 450 fire departments that consists of 4000+ firefighters located in seven MSP Emergency Management Districts.

  • MI-TF1

    Michigan’s only Urban Search and Rescue Task Force trained to FEMA’s multi-disciplinary standards designed to support communities when incidents overwhelm their local and county resources.

  • Special Operations
    Special Operations

    MI-MABAS is credentialing and organizing fire service resources using NIMS Tier I Typing criteria for HazMat Entry Teams and Tier II Typing criteria for Collapse Search and Rescue Teams.

  • Dispatchers

    MI-MABAS uses one standardized Box Alarm Card template designed to make dispatching additional resources easier for telecommunicators and emergency service personnel.

  • Join Us!

    MI-MABAS is a user-driven system governed by each division. Organizing departments in a current mutual aid group is the logical starting point for a creating a division. Join our team and help is on the way.

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